Tsunami Japan - Tsunami Alert Japan  

11 Mar 2011

Peringatan Kemungkinan Tsunami Susulan Terus Digemakan di JepangTsunami Japan - Tsunami Alert Japan

The earthquake followed by tsunami in Japan has taken the lives of dozens of people dead and hundreds injured. To anticipate the possibility of bad, the emergence of tsunami warning continues echoed.

Sterly Makalew tell, until around 20:00 pm tsunami aftershocks peringatam will likely continue given the Japanese government through loudspeakers. Residents are also advised to flee to refugee camps.

"Residents are encouraged to flee to refugee camps that have been provided, since currently there is no electricity and the temperature outside pretty cool about 5 degrees Celsius,"

A number of residents who live in Oarai participate refuge to a number of school buildings. There are also sleeping in his car in the parking lot Oarai GIII church.

"Residents in Oarai participate refuge to a number of school buildings is estimated there are about 100 residents and dozens of others fled with the car in the parking lot of church GIII Oarai," he said.

The latest information, at least 60 people were killed in the earthquake and tsunami that occurred at around 12:46 pm. This amount is expected to continue to grow because of the evacuation process is still underway.

Video tsunami japan - Video tsunami japan

Tsunami Japan - Tsunami Alert Japan

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Benefits of Kiwi Fruit  

10 Mar 2011

Kiwi si Cantik Asam yang Sarat KhasiatBenefits of Kiwi Fruit 

The fruit is fuzzy brown skin has a beautiful green flesh fruits. The dominant taste acidic because it is rich in vitamin C. Apparently there are many other properties of kiwi devastating for health!

If you are one who like a fruit with a sour taste, kiwi fruit would have instantly become a favorite. Fruit from New Zealand this was not only good to eat and be decorated cake beautiful, but also contains minerals and vitamins are good for health.

"Kiwi contains vitamins A, C and E are enormous. Vitamin C is water soluble antioxidant yangmampu keep the body from free radicals that enter through air ALSO show food. Avoiding cancer, heart disease, and obesity. Vitamin E also has the benefit that not how far with vitamin C. The difference, of vitamin E are fat soluble, "says Chef DC from Cabannas Bhatt, Tivoli Grand Hotel.

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How to maintain healthy nails  

5 Mar 2011

cara merawat kukuHow to maintain healthy nails

Here is how to care for your nails:

For those who like to paint nails, do not forget to remove all traces of nail polish left in the beauty nails with cotton wool soaked in liquid paint nails remover.special attention to the corners of the nail, where nail polish lines-lines usually lags behind.

Soak hands in warm soapy water pot laced with a little salt.

Message moisturizing cream into the cuticle (epidermis around the edge of the nail), the entire nail, until the first fingers of the hand joints.
Push or press your cuticles with cuticle stick.
Clean all nails one by one with a soft brush.

Cut nails neatly fit the desired length.
Nail file to smooth so as not to tear and flake easily.

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Cannabis And Cancer Therapy  

27 Feb 2011

Cannabis And Cancer Therapy

Although still considered illegal, new studies show that marijuana or marijuana contain active ingredients that can increase appetite in patients with advanced cancer.

Research from the University of Alberta, Canada, showed that the active ingredient in marijuana called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), can increase appetite and taste ability in patients with advanced cancer.

Previously, marijuana has been known to reduce symptoms of nausea in cancer patients, so the use of THC also can function as an appetite stimulant.

Results showed 37 percent of cancer patients who took 2.5 milligrams of the compound in pill form of THC 2 or 3 times a day for 18 days, reported an increase in appetite, compared with 30 percent of patients who took placebo (empty medicine).

And 64 percent of patients who took THC reported appetite increases as compared with 50 percent of patients who took placebo.

"Cannabis has a bad reputation for healthy people, but studies show that marijuana also has a good effect for cancer patients," says researcher Wendy Wismer, a food scientist at the University of Alberta in Canada, as reported by LiveScience, "

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How to Manage Anger / manage anger management  

21 Feb 2011

How to Manage Anger / manage anger management

Vent the anger that is in the body might make someone look more strongly at first, but in the long run this condition can cause negative effects both for oneself or others.

When he was angry, part of the brain amygdala (emotional center in the brain) will stimulate the adrenaline that makes the heart pump blood faster, difficult breathing, dilated pupils and sweaty bodies.

People can be angry because the accumulation of tension or stress that memucak. Anger can arise as a result of problems at work, school, stress, traffic congestion, concerns about financial problems and conflicts in a relationship.

Anger may be good for yourself because it can relieve stress, but not good for others and the environment that will feel the tension.

There are several strategies or how healthy you can do to overcome her anger to quickly evaporate

1. When angry try to be quiet for a moment and count slowly to 10
When he was angry there was a big adrenaline rush, because it's important to train yourself in dealing with this surge.

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Vitamins Brain Function / How to Exercise the Brain  

imgVitamins Brain Function / How to Exercise the Brain 

The brain is one of the important parts of your body because it contains a variety of the central governing body. But there are easy ways you can do to help nourish the brain so that it remains bright and brilliant.

To create a healthy brain needs food intake can increase the brain and do some exercises or activities that can maintain cognitive function of the brain.

Here are some easy ways you can do to nourish the brain organ.

Providing good food for the brain
More than half of the brain consists of fat, so fat is needed by the brain to maintain the sharpness of thinking and functioning properly.

Fat is needed, such as omega-3 fatty acids are important for brain function and cognitive development, as well as the use of good fats such as olive or canola oil.

Besides fat, green vegetables can also help protect the brain from Alzheimer's disease and dementia (forget). Based on a 2009 study published in the journal Archives of Neurology showing that spinach and other green vegetables that contain folic could ward off dementia and other cognitive impairment conditions.

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How To Convert Witches To Catholicism  

18 Feb 2011

imageHow To Convert Witches To Catholicism

This Is A Story
A young priest, who was assigned to take care some children who are very eager, to find a game called Giants (Elephant), Wizards (Witches), and the Dwarfs (the dwarf).

"You have to decide now," the priest instruction, "in which you want to be - an elephant, witch, or a dwarf?"

At that time, a little girl pulled her pants priest and asked innocently. "But where the daughters of the sea stand up?" The priest told him that there are no daughters of the sea, and the little girl interrupted, saying, "Oh, yes there is. I am a daughter of the sea! ".

Now the smart girl that knows who he is, and he did not want to give up on their credentials as well as on the game. He intends to take his place at any time enter the sea princess in the scenario.

So, where are the daughters of the sea stand? And what about those who are different, they are not suited to the patterns of other people's lives? Answer these questions, then you can build a school, a community, and a nation. ..

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